You don’t have to be sad to make great music. Punk Talks is here to help.

What exactly does Punk Talks do?

Punk Talks is a non-profit that aims at connecting DIY musicians and music industry workers to mental health resources.

How does it work?

If you’re an artist or music industry worker and looking for help, you can check out our intake form here, or email us at Once the intake form is filled out, we will work to connect you with the most appropriate and affordable resources possible in your area.

I’m a musician/music industry worker and I can’t afford to see a therapist. What should I do?

If finances are a concern or you’re on tour, we want you to get help without the worry of cost. We have licensed volunteer therapists who can see a limited number of clients over the phone.

Is Punk Talks a resource for punk bands only?

Punk Talks was developed out of a desire to serve punk bands and connect them to mental health resources. However, we do not limit our services to punk bands only. We will not turn away anyone looking for help, and want to connect every intake we receive to appropriate services. Punk Talks is for any and all DIY, punk, alternative, etc. artists/music industry workers.

I’ve never seen a therapist before. What should I expect?

At Punk Talks, we believe therapy is punk rock. It’s an invaluable tool to help you navigate touring, life at home, and everything in between. While every therapist is different, the process of therapy is oftentimes the same. There’s generally an initial intake session, where the therapist assesses what your needs are/what you’d like to get out of therapy. Then, continuing sessions are determined on an agreed upon basis. Therapy can help you learn coping skills, how to manage anger, anxiety, depression, etc. You don’t have to be sad to make great music. Punk Talks is here to help.

How can I be sure my info will remain confidential?

We use as little personal information as possible to refer you to an independently practicing, licensed therapist. Once you have been referred to a therapist, there is no PT staff involvement and absolutely no access to information discussed between you and your therapist.

If your question was not addressed here, we’re happy to answer you directly at